Alt+window selection - still no change?

In order to draw a window selection by starting anywhere without clicking an object, Alt has to be pressed. There are old posts saying that there’s no option to make that as default so that Alt doesn’t have to be pressed all the time.

Has there been any change? It is a bit absurd to keep having to press Alt all the time for such basic task.

No. Changing that behavior to ignore all the different selection modifier tools in Rhino would be terribly disruptive to work flow for the vast majority of Rhino users.
To be honest, I don’t think a change like that is at all likely.

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Hello - Alt forces a window selection - that is, you cannot ‘pick’ on an object with Alt down to select it. This is needed for crowded scenes where you want to window select and mouse-down would pick an individual object. If there is no risk of selecting on mouse-down, there is no need for Alt to make a window selection.


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I don’t mean to say one way has to be the right answer all the time. An option would be great. But it sounds like it’s just flat out no. Thanks for replying .

Just wondering since Sketchup handles it quite well. It can select by clicking, but if there’s a mouse drag, it will ignore the initial click selection to make window-select. Without an additional key (Alt) involved, it seems to work just fine.

It’s not a big deal. I’m sure I can just get used to it.