Suddenly it takes forever to save or open a Rhino 5 file

64 Bit Rhino 5. Everything other program seems to work fine. Rhino works great except for intentional or autosave. Then the PC just thinks. I have plenty of drive space. I ran defragmenter with no change. I saved small, then geometry only, no change.

Hi Davey - is this with any file or just particular ones?


Hi Pascal, I am only having a problem with one file. When I drew it last year it would open in a minute. It is 399mb and complicated. Could it it be my graphics card driver, some kind of cache problem, or Rhino setting?

Thank You sir,


Hi Davey - if saving as ‘Geometry only’ still shows the problem in the resulting file, it may be that Rhino is trying to mesh a bad object. Try opening Rhino in Safe Mode and then open the file from that instance of Rhino - does it still choke? If not, ClearAllMeshes, make sure all viewports are in Wireframe and then open the file in a normal Rhino - does that work better? At any rate I suspect, for now at least, a bad object or at least an ‘unmeshable’ one. Try SelBadObjects and see if anything lights up. If so, Export and post here or send to


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I repaired the naked edges of the design and the file saved immediately. This is the first time Rhino failed to save a faulty drawing, so now I know what to look for. Thank you for your help through the years.