Rhino File fine before saving but now won't open

Hi there!
I have a rhino file I’ve been working on for days, it was absolutely fine no issues, I saved it then closed the file. Now it won’t reopen. I only get Not Responding, and a black screen. The file is 1.1GB but was working perfectly before closing. Any help much appreciated as it is a university project!


What version of Rhino are you using? If V6 or V7 run SystemInfo and post the result. Does this problem only occur with this file or with other files? Open Rhino, create some geometry, save the result, and then try opening it.

Hi David,
I’m using 7. I have just run the recover3dmfile command and managed to get all the geometry into a new file (other than the SubD multipipe surfaces which weren’t recovered - these were the last things I was working on before the final save - maybe they were the issue?)
The issue occurred with two files, my two most recent, both over 1GB, but rhino opened other files fine. Weird as neither will open but they are both different files? Luckily I have been able to recover the geometry I needed (even if everything is on one layer now!)
As I can’t get into that original file - should i post the system info from this new working file?

Thanks for the speedy reply!

Hello - are the files saved to a local disk or a network or synced location?


SystemInfo reports information about the hardware, operating sytem and related, and Rhino software and related. It does not depend on what file may be open in Rhino.