Rhino 6 Fails To Save!


(Ghaflan Abadi) #1


My rhino file doesn’t save after creating layouts and dimensions. I tried to export it but it doesn’t let me. It’s also failing to copy the content to a fresh rhino file. Any idea how can I deal with this problem?

(John Brock) #4

We have seen a very small number of people with this problem.
As a temporary work-around, you can use the SaveAs command and check the “Geometry only” option and this seems to work.

Then close and restart Rhino to restore saving.
So far we have not been able to determine the actual cause of this but we are investigating.
It is possible the developer may contact your for additional details to try to narrow down what is causing this.

If you can determine a command sequence or anything that is likely to cause this, we would very much like to get those details.


(Ghaflan Abadi) #5

Thank you John for your reply,

When I’m saving “geometry only”, I’m loosing the dimensions and layouts. It usually happens when I begin to generating drawings in the layouts.

(John Brock) #6

So you’re saying if you draw something, make a layout with a detail, add a few dimensions, then you can’t save?

That works fine for me.
Can you add more specific detail to narrow it down a bit?

(Ghaflan Abadi) #7

My coworkers also have the same problem, we are using under a same zoo! I have about 30 layouts, after a certain time it fails to save and autosave. The other file that has the geometry only doesn’t have this problem.


I’ve been having this same problem pop up over the last few days. I haven’t been able to pin point what is starting it but i’ve lost a number of hours worth of work now… looking through the command line, it looks like autosaves were failing the whole time that I did not notice…

(John Brock) #9

If any of you can come up with the steps or procedures to follow that are likely to make this happen, we would like to hear what those are.

(Ghaflan Abadi) #10

Finally I fixed the problem by changing the location of Autosave folder. I’m not sure if its gonna happen again or not. I’ll keep updating.

(John Brock) #11

That’s good news.
What was your autosave folder set to before you changed it?

(Ghaflan Abadi) #12

C:\Users\ [My username] \AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\AutoSave

(John Brock) #13

Does that old folder actually exist?
Can you browse to it?
Does it have strange permissions assigned to it that might block file updating?

(Ghaflan Abadi) #14

It exists and I still have some of my old files there.

(John Brock) #15

Thank you for the details.
I’ll be sure @dalelear (the developer) gets them.

Maybe there’s a clue in there that will help us find the problem.

(Ghaflan Abadi) #16

I’m having the problem again with a slightly different error. I’m not doing any strange steps and I’m just creating dimensions in the layout. I think it has something to do with autosave folder, it happens after a certain time.

(John Brock) #17

I’m going to send you a private message with instructions.


Dropbox again…