File saving VERY slow


I’m trying to make revisions on a drawing done by someone else. It’s mostly lines, and just a few polysrfs. Every time i try to save a change, it takes about 5 minutes of unresponsiveness. The file seems pretty big for what it is at 124mb.
I’m using a brand new PC, i7 w/ 8gb of ram.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this, and how to resolve it? (16.3 MB)

Hi Adam - The file opens with errors here - but as far as I can see there are unsued block definitaiona in the file - try Purge (check the command line for options) and see if things behave better after purging unused block definitions.


Hi Pascal,

No luck, any other ideas? What sort of errors are you getting when you open the file?

YES… the ZIP archive you upload for help is CORRUPTED

Do you have an SSD master disk?

Hi Adam - I get this message -


C:\Users\pascal\Downloads\Tech Support\Jacobson-Wilson_Shops_062216.3dm has an unreadable geometry object. Do you want to continue reading geometry from this file?

  • To read as much information as possible, click Yes.
  • To return to Rhino, click No.

Yes No

It looks like there is likely quite a bit missing, judging from how the layouts look. Saving is OK here, but I probably do not have the whole file.


The forum keeps rejecting the unzipped file, i tried that several times before resorting to zipping. Yes, my disk drive is SSD.

here’s a link to the unzipped file on google drive.

access denied!!!

Get access now. Lets see if i can help to.

Hi Adam - please try uploading here

to my attention.




Well… First impressions. Saving file here im my laptop with SSD samsung PRO 840 256GB is about 5 seconds.
No bad objects to. And i purged your file… Saving file reduced 1 second now.

I saw that you have some block in here. As far i can tell, Rhino 5 wont work very stable with blocks.

Hi Adam - I see you have RhinoCam and RhinoArt loading - my guess is there may be user data from one or both in the file. Does -SaveAs to a new name with ‘SavePlugInData=No’ work better? It certainly makes a smaller file.


i have clean your file with purge method and check it. No bad objects in there to. I re-saved your file. I hope is getting better.
You have a camera inside the file. Try to hide or delete it.

Well, It saves much faster now, but most of the layouts are missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

struck out again. I though that might be an issue, so I disabled the plugins. I’m not even sure what RhinoArt is… Still having the same issue without plugin data though.

RhinoArt is a Mecsoft plug-in to make machinable geometry from images:

layouts are missing? how so? I turn all on and didn`t delete any. How is that possible? Are you running that file on WIndows? Mac? or else?