Substance materials


Is there a way in the future to use allegorithmic products as Substance to be used into Rhino process…?
Powerful of allegorithmic products for industrial, / automotive could be useful for many Rhino users.

Thanks for your information

@andy @nathanletwory Can you help?

Or @BrianJ

Are you saying you want Substance Painter features in Rhino? Or maybe like Rhino Inside for Substance?

Is this what you are asking about?

If it is for a PBR workflow then it is on my list to provide a material to do that. But at this very moment there is no support for that available to users, AFAIK.

As said I already have some beginning of a material that would allow using Substance-created materials. But it is not ready.

Hi Nathan it is exactly to use pbr matérials insiste rhino and hopefully havons realtime substance désigner intégration info rhino

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I agree - the use of PBR textures in Rhino would’ve be fantastic. This would real enhance cycles rendering and a Rhino - Twinmotion or Rhino - Unreal workflow!

Yes - I would love to use these textures in Rhino - displacement mapping, normal maps etc. currently exporting to Twinmotion and Unreal for real-time rendering and VR. Would love to set up the textures in Rhino.

Here a very rough and early prototype of such a material in action, the tiled floor:


Nathan you’re fantastic it looks for a future perfect workflow between rhino and unreal for my future architecture project, actually workingwith visualarq it Will give a smooth workflow advantage… Dream could be Grasshopper control of parameters lol

Do mcneel work on latest rtx technologies of nvidia?

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Rhino > Unreal would be great. The way we are doing it right now it’s unreal and inhumane.

We want one click to a VR viewport in Unreal quality and speed, so we can grab a VR headset, look around what you are working on, evaluate, markup (yup we want a markup tool), get back to Rhino and keep working.


The way we are doing it right now it’s unreal and inhumane.

I see what you did there.

If you have any coders on your team you might make something with Rhino Inside

My best coder is @pascal.

… but we also have a Grasshopper coder that speaks a few nerd languages and we started working with an Unreal developer. Just not sure how much effort that will be, but worth exploring. The problem with feature request to my own coders is that they cost me the money!

I wanted to go to the Rhino Inside party in NYC to see what’s that all about and meet a few people, but some other trip conflict just came up that weekend so o think that’s not an option this time around :frowning:

Using Rhino Inside so we can have Grasshopper inside Unreal without baking would be really nice: @DavidRutten, would that be even possible?


It is possible, That is what Rhino Inside is for, Someone just has to put it together for Unreal. For now Mneel put it together for Revit I believe.

“Rhino 7 WIP (Work in Progress) can now run inside other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, and potentially inside Solidworks, Photoshop, Excel, etc”

I don’t know ‘bout any ol’ Inside. But I can make a David Rutten-esque script that will give you a coffee break.


Someone… Thai so getting awkward Michael. You know you can do it. You know you want to. :crazy_face: