subD unweld face

Hi there:
Can you tell me how to Unweld vertices in SubD ( the opposit of stitch) ? , Thanks

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there is
but it behaves more similar to

as fare is i understand you have to solve your desired function on a “per face” - level - and it is more a workarround:

subselect faces (Pc: ctrl + shift + LeftMouseButton, Mac: apple, shift, LMB)
_copy 0 0 (copy paste did not work at Mac os x) “duplicate”
now the faces are a separat Sub-D - modify them or stitch them where you want.

(edit: because of further post s below)
_extractSrf works with sub-Selection and can be used instead of

_unjoinEdge does not work for Sub-D - wich is a pity
_splitDisjointMeshes also does not work for Sub-D - another pity

kind regards -tom

OKay … so what u r telling me: to select the srf that i want to detach by GB shift+ctrl then copy it clipboard & get rid of the old built-in one
or I could have extracted the surface by Extract s Srf (Copy=no)?

For now, it looks like extracting a face and then Stitching some subset of the edges back is the way to go.
@theoutside , @BrianJ - any other thoughts?


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okay, fine. sometimes I want to hear if this is the way to do it or is there better ways…
but of course unweld little button would be nice :no_mouth:

unweld an edge is already on the list of enhancements we are hoping to release in the future.

for now, extract the face then stitch the edges back in leaving the ones you don’t

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great, and if we remove so many faces, that the sub-d object is separated, it should Split:
objects like this does not make sense i.m.O.:
comparing a sub-d with deleted faces with a polysurface.
Sub-D will stay as one object
Polysurface will become two objects…

in my initial post i ask for
_splitDisjointMeshes to work with sub-D…

thanks. kind regards. -tom

Ya, I think it is treated like a mesh rather then nurb-polysrf ?!

… the technical / historical background is somehow clear, but then _splitDisjointMeshes should work (and i would be happy).
… but from a user-perspektive a disjoint topology does not make much sense i.m.O. …


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extract surface (right click explode) on any subd faces you want to have separated.

As someone who primarily works in subD and whom I think subD in Rhino is being developed for…I have to agree with this 100%.


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