How to un-stitch (un-weld) edges or vertices in SubD model?

It would be very helpful, like it was possible with T-Splines. Thanx.

Have you tried the commands _UnweldEdge and _UnweldVertex? Use them in combination with sub-object selection.

It is working, thanx.
However, there is no button command for _UnweldVertex, does it means I have to make custom button for _UnweldVertex command?

@pascal knows if there are supposed to be buttons for that. But you can indeed always make your own.

Hello - there is currently not a button for that - it should probably be on the right mouse button of WeldVertices -

I’ll add that for V8, and yes you can edit that button in your setup and add

! _UnweldVertex

as the right mouse button command.
RH-66785 Toolbar: UnweldVertex


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RH-66785 is fixed in the latest WIP

This does not work with SubD or am I doing something wrong?