How to break a SubD model?

Such situation
There was a whole SubD model.
I removed several faces so that formed two separate pieces
But these two pieces remain interconnected.

_ExtractSrf or _Ungroup no gives result

How to break a model?

There’s no simple way right now, as far as I can tell, so here’s another workaround:

  1. Control-Shift select one part.
  2. _Copy (not _CopyToClipboard), chose the paste in place option.
  3. _SelLast
  4. _Lock
  5. Control-shift select the same part again. Delete it.
  6. _Unlock

Now you have two subD objects.

I don’t know why normal control-c copy doesn’t work with subobjects. It should be an option. ExtractSrf should also have a copy option.

And the delete that you did, in my opinion, should leave you with two separate SubD objects by default.

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but long a way

Well yeah, it’s nowhere near complete.

Does splitdisjoinedmesh work?

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Tou can also extract meshfaces off an object and this will make a new joined mesh of the extracted faces. I presume this works on subd mesh objects too.

Just tried spliddisjoinedmesh and extractmeshfaces and extractmeshpart, none work.


Explode support for SubD objects is filed as RH-51988 for future reference. It is intended to look at creased edge loops to define regions to separate or to make disjoint SubDs separate.