Split SubD on creases


is there a way to split a subD into multiple subDs already? Ideally I can do something similar like exploding a mesh which will result in splitting a mesh on unwelded edges.


ExtractSrf a face loop and then Join it to one side or the other will work now. There’s also an open feature request to be able to split from an edge loop and another to be able to Explode based on creases. I’ll add your post to both… https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59074 and RH-51988

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Hi Brian,

thanks for the quick answer. This workaround is fine for the moment.

cheers, Detlef

I’m finding more regularly this is something I would like to be able to do. Ideal scenario would be to be able to select an edge loop (or two if continuous) and just quickly break up there.

If this could be applied to meshes too, even better. Currently, it’s select a face loop, extractmeshfaces, splitdisjointmesh in the case of continuous meshes, then join back up.

For me, it would be great to split just by selected edges (in a split by isocurve fashion).

I believe this wish is on the list since a long time.
Instead of extracting meshfaces first and then split, you can extract the SubD faces directly with _ExtractSrf.
But splitting by edge would be better of course.

I bumped the request, thanks.


For sure, it’s a few more clicks but just feels awkward.

I wonder if it could be done in an ‘insert edge’ style, so you’re not necessarily bound by existing loops.

I hope so

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