SubD sharpening when unwanted, not creased

I have had this issue a few times recently, and this isn’t the most extreme example, but I am getting what looks like creased geometry sometimes even though it isn’t creased

I’m sure it shouldn’t look like this with this topology. It happened when I added an edge loop (both sides). I did this once before and it made the middle loop look very sharply creased and there was no way to fix it - uncreasing or creasing then uncreasing did not do it. It seems to be a glitch - can anyone confirm?

Scaled the bottom faces in and now I am getting this

This is not creased and cannot be uncreased. Is it me or is this a glitch?

my guess is you have 2 edges stacked on top of each other here… delete that ring and see if it heals… if the shape changes too much add it back in with insertedge.

No, definitely not this. I tried deleting and adding an edge loop in again. Doesn’t seem to be two on top of one another. It seems to be a glitch caused by insertedge both ways.

It’s like the edge crease is weighted and there is no way to remove it. Even when I delete it and add another in the new one is creased too!!

post the file?

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Repeated your model, no glitch

I remade it too, but it is still a problem that happens sometimes. Not the first time it has happened to me. It is like the edge is creased or weighted, and you cannot remove it.

Do you have soft transform enabled when manipulating the geometry?

I did not.