SubD crease bug

At the start I have this strange situation:

(I got this by playing with a model and dragging around faces with shift+ctrl combos)
There are 4 edges that have a crease, but it seems that also the 4 vertexes have an “additional info” to be sharp.
Those 4 edges are in the same place of the control object!
… it would be useful to be able to do this intentionally! But it’s impossible!
All the other edges don’t have crease.

If i remove the crease and re-add it, the shape is different:
subD_bug.3dm (69.7 KB)

Is this expected this way?

What are the info stored in a SubD object?
I thought SubD were like a meshes: vertexes, faces, edges (that can be “welded” or not).
The fact i was able to export this deformation tell me there is some other additional information stored on SubD objects.
Can we know what and why? Knowing it might result in deeper use of them.

PS it would be cool to have edges that start smooth and end with crease, not only on/off for the whole edge.

You can do it intentionally actually. Select the verts instead of the edges and use the crease command.

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You are right!

But it works only if i select a closed loop of vertexes.
If i select only a single vertex alone, “Add crease” command will add crease status to every edge connected to that vertex!

I feel we are missing control here…

I can achieve a single edge “locked” (on same place of control points), but it’s very tricky:

Possible solution: “Creasing” a vertex should never give the “creased” status to adjacent edges; or only when the edge is between 2 creased vertexes.


it’s on the list


It could also be nice to have a crease slider, like the kind of slider you get with the Stitch command. Creasing in Maya works this way, like weight of the crease I guess.

Weighted creases request has been on the list for the longest time (and still is).


I had a feeling it was

Adding this thread to the YT item.

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