SubD crease bug

Going to try to be careful to phrase this exactly right…

If, on a single subD face, any naked edge sits between two other naked edges…

  1. That edge cannot be creased.
  2. That edge’s vertices can be creased.
  3. If creased, that edge’s vertices cannot both be uncreased at the same time.
  4. If creased, that edge’s vertices can be uncreased one by one.

If a user uncreases an entire open subD by control-shift frame selecting it and calling _RemoveCrease, the vertices described above won’t uncrease and will appear to be impossible to uncrease.

Screenshot of the condition where this happens:

What I think should happen:

  1. Selecting the edge and calling _Crease or _RemoveCrease should have the same effect as creasing or uncreasing both of it’s vertices.
  2. _RemoveCrease should work on both vertices simultaneously.
  3. Simply selecting an entire SubD object without using control-shift frame and calling _Crease or _Uncrease should crease or uncrease every edge and vertex on the object, but there should maybe be a popup that asks if the user really wants to do that.
  4. Control-shift frame selecting an entire SubD object and calling _crease or _uncrease should effect the entire object, with no popup warning.

thanks! Will research/ test and get it written up!