SubD Question?

Hello Rhino users,
I try to work with SubD.

How can I switch between face or edge selection?

ctrl shift click on on edge, the same for the face. there are more specific commands like SelFaceLoop, SelEdgeLoop, SelEdgeRing. you also can use selection filter to narrow down your selection opions and also specific commands that turn on the filter for edges or faces only like SelectionFilterFaces, SelectionFilterEdges and SelectionFilterNone to turn it off again.

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Thanks so much for the reply.
Do you have idea why after been created, subD objects cannot be selected clicking on them?
SubD objects do not behave like other Rhino objects.

Is there option for symmetry?


They should be selectable like anything else… post a 3dm file to show what you can’t select.

The Reflect command can be used on SubD surfaces for symmetry. I also like RadiateFind on a SubD torus or cylinder for radial symmetry.

Hello Brian, thanks for reply again.
I have hard background using box modeling with mesh smooth modifier applied in another mesh software.
SubD looking similar to me.
I did not save my subD files.

I’ll try subD once again today, saving files.

Thanks for support!

Sounds good, have fun. SubD surfaces in Rhino 7 are similar to polygonal box modeling but there aren’t subdivision levels just smooth or box mode (tab key to toggle). SubD srfs in Rhino 7 can also be converted into NURBS surfaces with the ToNURBS command.