Wish for Rhino 7 SubD: Double-clicking on a face edge to select the entire loop of connected faces; Convert selection

Wish 1. Activate the “Selection filter: Edges”, then double-click on a single edge. Rhino will select the entire loop of connected edges, which is very convenient.
However, if you activate “Selection filter: Faces” and double-click on a single edge, Rhino will not select the entire loop of connected faces. To do so, you have to use the “Select face loop” tool. Is not it more intuitive and user-friendly to allow selection of a face loop via double-clicking of an edge, without the need to use a separate selection tool for that purpose, just like the double-click does on edge loop selection?

To avoid confusion for Rhino, double-clicking on an edge could be deactivated IF the selection filter is set to allow selection of both, edges and faces. However, if only faces are selectable through the selection filter, then double-clicking on an edge should activate face loop, since edges can’t be selected in that mode anyway.

Wish 2. Add ability to convert the sub-object selection into another type of sub-object. For example, if two adjacent edges are selected, then the “Convert selection” tool should select all the faces that share the same edges. Same with points, too. This functionality is extremely useful in programs such like 3DS Max and I would love to see it in Rhino, too.
Toggle SubD edge/vertex selection works in a similar fashion, but has huge limitations. It will not select the connected faces and only toggles between points and edges. It will, however, select face(s) ONLY if all points around a surface are being selected. Could be done in a much better way by selecting the faces without the need to have all points around a face pre-selected. For example, selecting 1, 2 or 3 points around a regular 4-sided face will not select the face, no matter how many times I click on the “Toggle SubD edge/vertex selection” button. In 3Ds Max, even selecting one point is capable of converting the selection into selecting all adjacent faces.


I just wondered about the same, with one confusing point added:
I select an edge and click on “select edge loop” - bang, edge loop selected.
I select an edge and click on “select edge ring” - bang, edge ring selected.
I select two polygons, click on “select face loop” and nothing happens, I have to go select an edge from which a face loop is then selected.

I find that this is killing the flow and not how typical SubD software handles this situation.
Since two faces define a direction for a face loop, I would expect it to instantly select it without any further input in this case.
Like Bobi, I often work in a specific entity mode and so would expect to stay in that mode mentally.

+1 on Bobis suggestions, selection conversion between entities is very helpful indeed. There could be an option selecting between one mode where all touching entities are selected and another where only fully surrounded entities are selected.



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Okay, just found that if I have one polygon selected and then double-click on another one with SHIFT held down, it does select the loop. That’s workable for me, so there only remains the “select face loop” command button that behaves in an inconsistent way compared to the others I mentioned. IMO.

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This does not work on my Rhino 7 unless the two faces are adjacent to each other (what images #2 and #3 show below). To select a loop between 2 non-adjacent faces, I have to select them first, then I hold Shift and double-click on a 3rd face located between the originally selected 2 faces, but it must be adjacent to one of the originally selected faces (what image #4 shows below). :slight_smile:

Here are some existing rules for selection SubD faces and some new ones that I propose to be added in future Rhino releases to improve the speed and workflow with SubD modeling.