Subd: Disable Ctrl+Shift right clic: rotate view

Hi All,

Is (how) it possible to disable the Ctrl+Shift+Right Clic in Rhino (Rotate view) ?
Indeed, when selecting with sub selection (Ctrl+Shift+left Clic) I very often find myself right clicking (pan for ex.) without releasing the keys… And subsequently have to restore view often…
Btw – I guess I will get used to how things are layed out in R7. I do find the Verts, Edge, Face selection mode (with keyboard shortcuts) very usefull -productive- in TSplines for Rhino 5.
Jean P.

I’m confused… ctrl+shift right click is not rotate view… just right click and drag is rotate view.

You can set up aliases for selection filters that mimic that keyboard behavior. Use any keys you want.

Thanks Kyle,
When in Right, Front or Top View, if I have the Ctrl+ Shift keys pressed down and I right clic and move the mouse, my view rotates as seen in video.

Re. Shortcuts: Good to know you can filter the selections as shown in an Alias.

RMB is a Pan in parallel projection viewports and a Rotate in prescriptive viewports

Shift+RMB is a Pan in Any projection
Crtl+Shift+RMB is a Rotate in Any projection

Thanks John.
“Crtl+Shift+RMB is a Rotate in Any projection”; my question was, is there a way to deactivate this ?
Thanks, Jean

Hi Jean -

No, you cannot turn off this behavior.