Right click to rotate?

I’m used to hold right click to rotate. I’m currently using a trial version of Rhino 8 and right click only pans. I have to enter the rotateview command which is so frustating. I tried to change settings in the mouse tab of the option panel but no luck, do you guys know how I can change this ?

Rhino 8 rotates when tou have a perspective view and pans if it is a parallell view. does you Rhino pan parallell views in new documents too?

Hi Leo - as far as I know the behavior is the same as in V7 - you can see in Options > View page if the settings are the same as in whatever previous version you have used, if any.
In any case, Ctrl-Shift RMB-drag will break parallel views out of plan to rotate.


Thanks Holo and Pascal for your answers, that’s helpful.
when on perspective projection rhino behave as I expect, however in parallel projection it doesn’t.
the ctrl+shift+rmb+drag works but I never ever had to do that. it’s ok. I’ll get over it.