Subd challenge model

this is from the subd challenge I put up on june 23rd 2020-

full build video time lapse in editing now!


Great hehe !

Show off!

Actually I’m just kidding (and jealous) and can only hope to glean some of your talent from such great videos. Thanks!

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Ha! ,
To be fair, it my job to be a Professional show off! :slight_smile:

(And help people become show offs themselves!)


I guess my reply makes me a Professional SmartAss.

 Do you remember my submission to T-Splines contest for transportation designs? It was an electric self launch sailplane and I think you and Sky were the judges. I have been thinking about digging that model up and see if I can match it in Sub-D. 

You and Sky have been great role models for Rhino, T-Splines and now Rhino Sub-D, my many thanks!

I’d remember it if I saw it again for sure!

Thanks for the kind words- we are working hard to make SubD somthing special!

Old T-Splines site is gone but found this on their old Facebook page.


Omg yes!! I totally remember that one!!

The year before T-Splines had a marine division in their annual contest and I did this catamaran which would also be an interesting Sub-D recreation. The hulls, deck, cockpit, cabin, windows and crossdeck structure were all one T-Splines surface on this model.


I’d love to see you redo those in v7 SubD! I often redo old projects with new tools so I can compare the pain points etc-

Well after 10 years since I did those, hopefully some of the pain will have gone away… Thanks Kyle, I’ll give it a go.

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is this video available?

it’s available on the official rhinoceros channel on youtube. you find lots of other tutorials on this channel. subscribe to not miss anything in the future.

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