Sub-D Challenge 8 Scooter renderings

Still teaching myself Sub-d modeling at night.


Very nice :+1: Rendered with…?


Hi @Philip
Keyshot :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

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Nice model! Could you please give some clues on how your applied Sub-D in this case? Do you have any T-spline experience before?

Great work @Normand. Did you model the whole bike from scratch? I really dig the paint material. It has the appearance of multiple layers of clear coating, nice!

Hi @w.wu and @Gijs
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: No T-splines or sub-d experience prior to the WIP, but have been trying to learn from @theoutside’s little challenges. This model was actually inspired somewhat by the legendary Honda Dax moped, but in order to try and get a little more acquainted with the sub-d selection tools, I added a little more (too much?) styling. The frame/foot rest/seat base was made with SubDThickenCurves and the seat and body “just” Sub-d. The NURBS parts are a mix of geometry stolen from other models (break calipers, part of the suspension, tires) and own modeling - and it will NOT pass inspection… It’s very hack’n’slash/kit-bash’ed together :grimacing:
Thanks again,


Pretty cool! I can’t wait to have the stable version of rhino 7!!!

what’s unstable about it now? I beat on it 8 hours a day and it’s been pretty bombproof so far…


I meant not the WIP

ah- to be clear, the wip has been very stable here.

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Seems like just incorrect word choice. Sounds like they mean “official” version.

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Yeps that’s what I meant, thank you :), I apologize, I thought they were considered synonimous.

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Stable in this context makes is sound like the current WIP is buggy (unstable) :grinning: