SubD Challenge 9! Robot Fish! (wait, what?! )

OK, going a bit off the rails on a crazy train here but we’ve come so far and can do such cool things now right?! (plus I have some old Ozzy blasting in the studio right now)

I saw a sketch of a robot fish somewhere and liked it, but couldn’t find it again, so I decided to design my own-

I’m posting the sketch 1st this time so we can all build a bit and share progress. I’ll do a full record on my build and post it but am frankly thinking this will take a few days to execute properly since I’ll have to pick at it here and there- and wanted to let you in on the fun early.

I’m thinking this will be a mix of SubD and NURBS, I’m seeing some opportunities for SubD lofts, curve on surface detailing with pipe, some render fun, etc etc…

Hopefully I’m not scaring anyone with this, if you break it down into it’s simpler forms it’s pretty do-able.

Feel free to toss my design and do your own, I was hoping this would at least kick off some new ideas from our typical rigid product design stuff… .

Now go make great stuff!


render of the finished model- full time lapse video coming shortly!


full build video- total time about 4.5 hours, sped up 4x-


Thank you for sharing Kyle :thinking:
Your Sub-D workflow like friendly touch.



Side girl and cat asset to //3D in Windows 10//
All Sub-D and I used main tools this challenge 9

Have fun~ :slightly_smiling_face:


Robo shark… with a friggin’ laser on its head! :smiley: No fancy renderings this time - just a grab from Rhino. Something a little more tight in terms of shape. Used a pic of a mako shark as reference. Major pain point was trying to use softtransform, eg. to create the fall-off for the edges. I eventually gave up and did it manually insted. We really need some sort of visual feedback on the radius - and also the ability to turn it on/of AND change that radius mid-command.


love it!!

Things to try when soft transform doesn’t get you there…

bend (i’ve found bend on SubD verts is really great)
cage edit
cage edit using a curve
or the mac daddy… cage edit using a curve and using bend to edit the cage curve!


I added your vote to an open feature request for this RH-55559. Thanks.


Very Cool and thanks for sharing!

Questions: How come your symmetry objects are visualized through that red gradient?


Hi Kyle,

First, congratulations for such a nice work!!

I have a big problem of my WIP: why I can’t find the full subD functions as yours? Is your WIP downloaded from the Rhino website?


Backup any changes you’ve made to your toolbar, then run _ToolbarReset

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That’s it! Thank you so much again, Gijs!!

By the way, do you know if subD has the similar function of “snap” as in T-spline?

What do you mean by snap?



Usually used in the reverse enginnering. The vertices of the T-spline mesh can automatically snap to the closest reference geometry.

I don’t think there is a persistent OnSrf or OnMesh but what you can do is pull the subd to other geometry.

Thank you Inju!
However, I don’t understand your reply. You mean “select by brushing”? It is a selection tool and how can I realize “snap” function from it?
And could you please explain how you turn on the object options in the first pic? I don’t know where to show it.

OK, I will try it.
Have a nice weekend!