Help Nurbs VS Sub D - Using Fonts / Text

I was hoping someone could help me I do alot of work with Lettering and fonts for jewellery ect. I have up untill now used nurbs however Getting clean filets can be a nightmare.

My question is has anybody successfully used a sub D workflow for creating clean lettering.
I couldnt find anything online so any help would be really appreciated.

I have attached some images of the kind of lettering Im trying to create.


there are a mix of styles here… for instance this one is well suited for nurbs- simply make curves where the edges and peaks re,and 2 rail sweep your way home.

this one however, is well suited for subd. You’ll need edge curves and a center line to allow for the “puff” See the rule of three video here-


this one, all nurbs- image

one key with fonts, make sure you rebuild all the curves that are used to make the font itself.

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Thanks for your quick response. To be honest getting that puff look was really what I was looking for and thought Sub D would be the way to go.

Thanks for clearing when to use nurbs and Subs.

Im going to do some experimenting.


I have a getting started with rhino video to do next wednesday, can I use a few of these images as a basis for the demo? This would be a cool topic to demo- Subd vs nurbs…


I just saw the video. Great job really helped. I have one more question I hope you could help with. Ever since I have started using rhino 7 I have noticed that my models dont look smooth when using nurbs. They appear to be made of many faces in shaded mode. Although they do look smooth In Rendered mode.
Do you know why this is happening.
I am using Rhino 7 on a M1 mac.

Right click on the view’s name (top left corner of the current display) , and you will probably have flat shading activated. Try to turn it off.

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Thanks. That worked.

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