My first session with Rhino's SubD

Shout out to @theoutside (Kyle) for all his Tsplines tutorials back in the heyday that spawned a legion of SubD ninjas. THANK YOU McNeel team for recognizing that SubD should be a native integral part of Rhino and special thanks for bringing all to this to OS X.

I finally found some quality time to download v7 WIP and slowly re-acclimate myself to SubD after a couple years of exile. The plan was to just do some simple poking around. I’ll make a separate post about friction and overall thoughts, but for now I’ll just post about my astonishment at how far development has come with v7. Some elements of SubD modeling felt far more nimble than sessions with TSplines.

In a future SubD session, I’ll redo figure modeling the right way… proper topology eye-loops, mouth muzzle loops, etc.


Awesome work.

Wow! Amazing work for “just poking around”!

Thanks for the kind words-

Can’t wait to heart your thoughts about how to improve the tools!

Really nice work for a first stab @CarterTG ! (and thanks for the Mac shout-out for us ‘goofs’ with the wrong HW… :wink:)

I recall you being a key presence in the TSplines plugin ‘heyday’, before the ‘great train robbery’ dilemma. Looking forward to your input!

I bailed and went to the dark side for occasional SubD needs (instead of Modo, et al) - found some MCAD reasons to do so too at the time, so that kinda worked in concert. Truth be told, I actually took to the AD ts interface, and never much the old plugin. It confused me…

Hoping I’m as nimble as you when I eventually get around to coming ‘home’ for SubD…

Hi Carter


That looks great for a first session - very inspiring. I hope to find the time this week to get started with SubD. I dabbled with T-Splines in the past but lost interest after the AD acquisition so I’m pretty much new to the workflow. Not sure I will attempt a head first up though!