Structural Rebar


I want to use RhinoInside to model structural rebar in Revit. My wish is to use Grasshopper for modeling the lines where the reinforcement should be, then bake them into Revit. So far I’ve been somewhat successfull by using ‘AddDirectShape.ByGeometry’ (see attached files), where the lines have been baked into Revit and placed in the ‘Structural Rebar’-category. However, this method does not account for the shapecode for the rebar (00, 11, 21 etc.) or the rebar type (ø8, ø12, ø16 etc.). I have not found a way to add this information to the rebar instances after baking them.

Is there a proper way for modeling structural rebar by using RhinoInside at this time?


Structural (430.9 KB)

@lindgren.eirik great question!

I really want this also.
Please make this happen.

Added this to the list of new components for Rhino.Inside.Revit

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Fantastic! Thank you!

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