Revit is creating rebar in every transaction

I use revitapi in grasshopper python to create rebar from rhino inside, but seems it will create all the rebars in same place all the time. is that any way to tigger it parametrically? for example when I feed in 5, revit will create 5 rebars, then when I feed in 6, it will delete the original 5 rebars and recreate 6 rebars, instead of totally 11 rebars…

Hi Wilson,

How are you getting your curves? Can you post a small definition? There are some strategies to prevent this.

Rhino.Inside.Revit 2.0 will feature element tracking in scripted components.

@Japhy do you have any WIP examples of using RIR with Reo Components in Revit? Very much interested in this. Thanks

Hi Christopher,

Keith makes some good points here.

In general I think having key components for the various disciplines is a great idea.

As you can see from this example & tutorial, even a simple Reinforcement script wouldn’t be very generalized.

My quote above also includes someone else’s quote :slight_smile:

Here’s the original topic:

I don’t want to discourage anyone from pushing the limits on how good 3D reinforcing can actually be. And in fact, if it’s not “there” yet, then all the better, because if 3D reinforcing was already sorted out then there’d be no need for developing new plugins.

I live in a city where dumpsters full of rebar (not to mention tons of extra rebar in the slabs) is common place. There is a lot of value in efficiently detailed rebar. Getting clients and stakeholders to realize that… well… that might be even more challenging than developing the plugins :wink: