Structural Area Reinforcement Rhino.Inside.Revit


I was playing with Revit 2023 and Rhino.Inside.Revit. I was trying to bring into Rhino a Structural Area Reinforcement element from revit.

As you can see the small script gets the bounding elements but I could not find a way to get the geometry itself of the bars.

Did anybody try this kind of workflow before? Any advice or direction that can be recommended to bring the bar mesh into Rhino?

Thanks in advance

RevitRhinoGH Area (7.3 KB)
Revit Reinforcement.rvt (8.2 MB)

Hey @rolandoavillena1 ,

Attached you will see a quick method to get the rebar geometry, my suggestion is to set the rebar as solid in 3D view using the rebar visibility settings, and then following the picture. If something is not clear let me know.

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Thanks @M.Tarabishy it worked!