Structural Connection with Rhino-Inside

Hi Every one,

I’m trying to approach a parametric way to create a Structural Steel connection with RhinoInside because I got two projects where I will need to create Steel for Timb. Connection.

By the way, one of them is already generated by RhinoInside, starting from ARC. Model on Rhinoceros.

I feel like there are at least two workflows:

  1. Create by our own Revit Connection families - Place that using Dynamo or RhinoInside (changing the parameter if needed inside the script). So the script will be needed just for place and change parameters according to where the connection is.

  2. Generate steel plates and connectors directly inside Rhinosinde. I’m Interested in this approach but cannot find a good way to generate this element.

Do you have any ideas on the best workflow to automate the connection and manage the placement and parameters variables as much as possible?

I appreciate any help you can provide. RhinoInside seems a very powerful tool which right now is just very, very limited to the general design component.

Hi Lorenzo, I changed this to Rhino.Inside.Revit category.

Can you post an example of a finished Revit Connection Family(Families) in a project environment that you are trying to implement?

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Thanks, for sure.

As I said, I’m interested in both possibilities (create a custom connection family inside Revit and maybe place it where needed) or use the Revit family for bolts and plates.

For example with this two examples:

  1. Timber complex truss roof: I want to create parametric plates for every connection. We have a Revit plate subcategory of Structural connection, but I cannot create a plate as I did with walls, correct?
    here are some detail of the project that I’m going to develop, there will be some slight changes on the beam and, therefore, on the connection, and it will be great just to control everything in a parametric way (it seems the structure is mirrored)

  2. In this other project, I will develop some st. Plate and some connection between the primary and secondary beam. I already created the project on Rhinoinside, so I’d like to use the geometry to: Place the ST plate in the vertical truss.

We can focus on 1) and say: is there a way to create plates as we do with floor? from a curve? This will be the first point, I hope so :smiley:

Having this can be very useful to bring the model from Rhino to RVT and FEM software (I’d like the same plate I wanted to bring in Revit as a surface to be used in FEM analysis)

Advanced Families like you are describing would need to be created in the Revit UI, that said, we can place and control parameters via Rhino.Inside.Revit.

To do so programmatically you’ll need to know the variables that define the rules (identifying a particular condition to apply the correct family)

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