Export to revit of structural beams, taking into account the angle of rotation of the cross section and panels

Hello Guys

Please tell me how you can use rhino inside to place structural beams in the revit along the edges of the rhino / grasshopper net?
and one more nuance of the beam needs to be placed along the angle of the normal to the network?
In revit, the parameter of the beam section angle is controlled using?

the second part of the question, what is the best way to transfer round panels from rhino to revit? can you please tell me?

gh_revit.3dm (52.2 KB) Gh_Rhino_beam.gh (18.5 KB)

Alex -

On the beam rotation issue, you can see we have it on the list in Github here: https://github.com/mcneel/rhino.inside-revit/issues/304 . Looks like we will need a few more inputs to the component.

As for the round panels, can you show us an example? There are a number of ways to do it, but depending on the final result a different strategy may be needed.

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Scott, thanks a lot for the answer

on panels if it is possible is it possible to somehow convey round panels created not through surface and extrusion?
so that there are parameters of thickness, material, label, name?

AlexWer, What is the final output here? Is this a school project that will be fabricated?

A couple options:

Draw it in Rhino. Then bring into Revit as direct shapes.

Draw it in Rhino & Grasshopper (to control size, thickness, material, label and name) , then shoot it into revit (as direct shapes or families)

Draw it with Rhino inside Revit. Personally i think curtain walls would work fine here, doing a custom curtain wall mullion family for the members, curtain wall panel family with parameters for the
round panels. The diagonal cross member would be part of the panel family, or a two curtain walls, one for the diagonals.

There are additional options, much depending on final output & goals.

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Rickson thank you very much for your reply

maybe you will have an example of a simple how to do it or a link?

Have you had a chance to look at the guides and samples?