Construct MEP and Structural components from Rhino (with Rhino Inside)?

Hello. I just got into the Rhino Inside project and it looks great as I’m really more familiar with Rhino and now they can talk to each other. In addition, I wonder if there will be functions under development to add MEP and Structural models from Rhino Inside? Would like to know if that’s part of the plan. Thank you!

Definitely but since none of us are Structural or MEP engineers we rely on the community feedback and suggestions to add functionality. It’d be great if you can share the workflows you need to create and show which components or parts are missing

Thanks for the reply! We have some old school designers/engineers here so the workflow we are looking for is to convert line drawings into BIM models. That applies to architecture, structural and MEP parts. In architecture workflow I see there is already curve → wall/beams etc. Would like to have the same work flow for pipings/ducts for example.
Is there already API available for those parts which I can access in C#?
Thank you!

Revit API has .Create methods on many of the plumbing types. See this

You can access these in python or C# scripted components

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I’m having difficulty understanding the required arguments from the .Create mothod. How do I get system type ID?

Got the code to work now but the output result from Pipe.Create() looks errorneous.

The code is supposed to create a pipe connecting the two points where the two red spheres are.
Insteand it created a very long pipe miles away from the original points. Could there be a unit mismatch across Grasshopper/Revit/Rhino?

Note sure how you are reading the points but make sure the input points are in the correct coordinate and unit system. RhinoInside.Revit.Convert.Geometry has a series of extension methods for conversions, so you can use .ToXYZ() on Rhino Point3d for example. Share the original script so I can help editing it for you