From Revit to Rhino - Anyone working on it?

Hi all,

Is anyone working on an example of moving geometry from Revit to Rhino? After playing around with the four examples on the github (all rhino to revit), I’m really excited about the whole “Rhino Inside” concept. We can already see a really compelling use-case for Rhino Inside, and the next two things we’d like to get up and running are:

  1. Revit Geometry into Rhino.
  2. Instantiating hosted Revit elements from compatible Rhino geometry. Eg turning a closed rhino curve into a floor slab in Revit.

If there is any work done to springboard off of or if its under development, then I’ll be patient, otherwise I was thinking I might try my hand at writing it myself… Thanks!

Hi Matthew,

Currently I’m working on a GH component able to instanciate Revit elements from Grasshopper using Rhino model geometry as reference geometry. Is that what you mean in your second question?

About the first question, is on the list of things to do. But in any case of course is something you can try. You can fork the GitHub repo and start from there. If you are finally proud of what you achieve and want to share it please don’t hesitate to do a pull request. It will be more than wellcome. :grinning:


Hey, any link to the repo?

Here there are.

- Simple Console Sample
- AutoCAD
- Revit
- BricsCAD

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Ahhhh, okok, I saw those, I thought that you got a separate repository exclusive for Revit. Sorry for confusion and thanks for linking.

Thanks Kike, I’m AndDoYouEverFeel on github, I’ll give it a shot :smile:

And yeah that was exactly it, very cool, I’ve had a few people around my office asking about that (Revit elements from Rhino geometry).

And just as an interesting FYI, we actually set up a project team today to use RIR so that they can have their Rhino-based design studies moved over to Revit for easy documentation. The code you’re writing is already incredibly helpful, so big thanks!


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your Pull Request is now merged into the master branch and available to everybody.

About your second question today I merged into the master branch the changes you requested to me.


Please give it a try and tell me if you feel it right.
The first question is still pending :wink:

Awesome! I’ll play around with it and give some feedback soon :slight_smile:

The hide/show for Rhino and GH works great!

Hi again,

I’ve implemented partially the Revit Geometry to Rhino conversion.
It’s partial because right now just converts everything to meshes, but is pretty useful for analysis I hope.

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This is awesome, its great to see so much progress so fast!
We are rolling this out to a few teams to help facilitate design in Rhino w/ documentation in Revit. I actually have a bug/ question, which I’ll open a separate thread for :smile:

Hi there! This is amazing. I really like Rhino Inside and I’m glad to hear you improved it.

Is there the possibility to build native Revit walls, Floors, Beams from nurbs and non-planar curves using Rhino geom. referenced in GH?

Another request I have is the possibility to create curtain walls from Grasshopper using the same curves I mentioned before.

On the other hand, there is a little bug with the add-on. You can’t use commands like delete, copy and paste (with your keyboard) when you try to modify geometry in rhino or a component in Grasshopper because of the commands are taken by Revit. You can use it the command bar, edit, delete.

Thanks! Happy new year!

Hi Franco,

I committed a fix today that makes this possible.

Revit families for creating those kind of objects are strict on the kind of curves you should provide in order to make them generate a valid BIM element, but Revit also allows you to provide the geometry representation of a BIM element using what Revit calls DirectShape, see the screenshot.

I’m aware of the keyboard bug but anyway thanks for reporting it, and your feedback in general.