Structural steel connections in Grasshopper and Rhino.Inside

Hi, I whould like to model structural steel connections (plates, bolts, reinforcement …) using Grasshopper and use them in Revit.

Does any body have an idea how to model these connections in grasshopper, I tried importing connections category from Revit inside grasshopper and select the type of connection I need and then apply it but I failed to do so.

Is there any type of command in grasshopper to create steel connections?


Hi Yas,

There are many structural methods in the Revit API, none of which have been developed into Rhino.Inside.Revit components.

Depending on your situation (student? flexible work environment?) this might be a better avenue to pursuit.

Rhino.Inside.Tekla is looking really strong and is a fabrication level model vs Revit’s more design oriented one. They offer a 365 day educational trial.