Stripe Pattern

Hey GH Community,

I am looking for some help in creating a stripe pattern inside any given perimeter (or multiple) curve(s).

I am sure there are better and more sophisticated ways to create the arcs which have more control. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I am having trouble trimming the curves and then patterning true/false.

Any help or guidance in applying a radius end that is tangential to the intersecting curves would be great.

I have also attached a image of what I am trying to achieve.

Thank you in advance, as always for your guidance and insight. (11.3 KB)

Quite simple if I understand well. First you may have search better. Don’t understimate google and the old forum. I reused a David Rutten script

I just add some offset to handle the round corner. Just classical stuff but I discovered Curve | Line

You will need Clipper
I will try a version more automated.
Hatch David (28.9 KB)

Here a version more automated for rotation and size of stripes. It didn’t work well for letter like O with one outter and one inner curve so it is hard to offset in good direction. It could be handled but you will have to provide 2 types of curves, inner and outer.

Hatch David Rutten Laurent (32.2 KB)


:slight_smile: thank you Laurent, just what i needed to see how this is accomplished.