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Hello everybody
I am new to Grasshopper and need your help. is it possible to have cases 1 and 2? I went through the forum but I found nothing equivalent.
Thank you very much for your answer


Pattern-MLigne.3dm (69.2 KB) (8.7 KB)

difficult problem
I did not find any way out of that. should I understand that there is no solution.
Thank you

Case 1 may be doable by offsetting all the polylines in both directions, then splitting a large enough surface, then removing all unwanted (or extracting all wanted) regions. I don’t see a ready solution for case 2.

If people don’t reply it doesn’t mean there are no solutions. For me.solution 2 means cutting all curves at intersection. And joining curves where intersection is straight. And after that offsetting.

Absolutely not! Of course there is a solution. Several solutions, no doubt. Just depends on assumptions and level of effort…

thanks for all the answers

David Rutten,

I will explore this track, I have no idea of the components that I will use, I will look in the forum.

Laurent Delrieu

Ok, but the segments are not straight but I think I understand that you means. an idea about which components to use.


I understand. Thank you.

One possible solution for Case 2 would be Make2D. In Rhino 6 Beta you have access to the Make2D component, so if you deform your ribbons to really go over or underneath each other, you can use the existing occlusion functionality.

Case 2 happens to have radial symmetry around the centroid of the octagonal section. So, it is ‘cheating’ but you could do a polar array around that centroid, Not a ideal approach, can’t be used for attractors, etc, but it will work for simple cases. Good luck

Just a quick test with randomly wavy curves. (20.8 KB)

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Thank you David for the time you spent on this wonderful job. I could not test the end, make2D command problem (I’m working on a French version of Rhino 5 r6), but I think the idea is great, if only instead of random we would have once a top times down.
Thank you