Fix pattern inside curve for multiple units

I am trying to create a spiral pattern work for multiple different curve outlines, but this is the result I am getting, can anyone help me with this?



Please attach your GH file with internalized geometry so we can have a look.

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Hi @magicteddy

Did you manage to open the file?


Unfortunately I don’t have Robots plugin so there is no geometry accessible in your file. Can you internalize the base curves and leave the geometrical process to define the pattern ?

I had a look at the problem yesterday with simple polygons and it seems quite tricky…


Do you know what else I can do then because I really need this to work as soon as possible, is there someone else or another place you can guide me to that could help me with this?

Thank you.

This was solved behind the curtain, I cleaned the last definition and reimplemented the concave polyline case. (472.3 KB)