Doubt grasshopper

I need to make this pink mesh (from image 1) only be in the outline of that path (image 2).
That is, I need to cut with the outside
Anyone have an idea how I can do it?

I put the GH file if help (18.5 KB)

Use the cull pattern component to get just the points inside your curve like this…

I think this will work for your def but I didn’t dig deeper into what else would need to change there :wink:

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Hey!! Its not work for me! I was try to do :frowning:
BTW, tks a lot for help!

I think you’ll need to edit your definition after culling the points outside the curve. They are feeding into a logic I don’t completely understand in your original definition so I would suggest remaking the definition from scratch using this method of point culling based on a closed curve. I bet it will end up being more efficient too. Good luck!