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I have a problem. On picture 01.png you see yellow curves and I would like to create a lines between them, like a hatching (the red lines on the picture). I know I can use the command “hatching”, but the problem is that afterwards I like to edit every single line with a parametric design. That’s the reason why I don’t know the density (the distance between the lines) and the angle of them at the moment, because I would like to define this parameters at the end. Therefore I create a surface between the yellow curves (see picture 02.png). My idea was that I create the “hatching lines” by intersection of two surfaces (see picture 03.png), but it doesn’t work. You can see what I did in Grasshopper on picture 04.png.
Maybe I am absolutely on the wrong way. Has anyone an idea, how I reach my goal and what I made wrong.



Look here, it could help

If not enough bullet proof there are other solutions.

Yes my problem was partially solved. My Problem is that inside the curves there are curves that should not be hatched. (look at the picture below) The solution you have suggested works only if that is not the case. In your example if it is a “GH”.

Hello Mr “4 months later”. It could be better to give more information, because it works for me.

Some kind word or a like is always appreciated :thinking:


Here are some Pictures from my situation.

I think the Problem is that every line cross the boundary line more than twice. But I cannot say how often they cross the defined curves because it change from hatching line to hatching line.

LG Bonobert

Can you post the curves ? A screen capture is useless.

Most likely cause is your curves are not in the same plane.
Second probable cause is duplicate curves.

But yes, a file would help sort that out.

Here are my files!

Curve.3dm (1.0 MB) (13.7 KB)

Youpi at the end you posted the script and data !!!
You reuse David script without looking at my script. If you look well in David script there is just one curve to hatch no many as in your example, so data management is slighly different. Some trim tree …
So my script work better, but it is not 100 % perfect. You will have to do some manual work !

Hatch David Rutten Laurent (268.6 KB)

More bullet proof using surface but more long !!

Hatch David Rutten Laurent (270.0 KB)

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