Streamlining Section Management

I use VaSections often on my layouts.

  1. Selection Persistence
    When I have a detail view active and a section selected in the section properties panel, I will often use all three icons in succession (activate, align, set as section view). After clicking on each button, the section deselects and the list scrolls up to the top. The section must be selected again for each setting, if necessary after another scroll to show it. This gets cumbersome for a page full of interior elevations. I imagine that the deselection is to prevent inadvertent setting of section views and alignment, which would surely cause great confusion. I wonder if it would be best if a panel appears for any section selected in the list, offering the view modification choices. This could streamline workflow while the window visually alerts the user to the fact that a section is selected.

  2. Section View Zoom Extents Default.
    I usually choose the SectionView Icon after a scale is set and aligned as I need, usually because I’m adapting an pre-set elevation. (I only activate the SectionView to enablle drawing within the detail view in the plane of the section object.) I always have to reset the scale and repan the detail. It would ease my workflow if extents popped up as an option (which I could deselect) when the section view icon is clicked.

Hi @djhg,

I don’t see how the section is deselected. Are you doing it in a different way? How?


If you want to place the construction plane aligned with the section but avoid having the view extended to the detail view you can just use the “Align view to Section” option:


“If you want to place the construction plane aligned with the section but avoid having the view extended to the detail view you can just use the “Align view to Section” option:”

Thanks Alfonso, but when drawing in the view, the lines go to the construction planes Z=0 plane, and if that zone is out of the section, the drawn lines are not visible. From what I can tell, only the “Section View” icon will establish a drawing plane at the plane of the section, but at the expense of ZoomExtents.

“I don’t see how the section is deselected.”

I see that section alignment doesn’t seem to require reselection for you, but you can see in the below gif that I can’t align the view (the icon is greyed) after activating the section unless I reselect the section. (I have thought that SectionView activation also required reselection, but I now see that it doesn’t for either you or me, thankyou for that!)



Hello @djhg,

I see what you mean. I think “Align view to Section” should automatically place the construction plane aligned to the section; I will report this so that you can use this option.

I see the problem now. It happens only if you have previously clicked the options “Align view to Section” or “Set Section View to Viewport” for a different section. I will keep you updated about this.

Hi @djhg,

We have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.13.1). In this version, we have modified the behaviour of the “Align view to Section” option and now it places the construction plane coincident with the section plane.

You can check here the news of this new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13.1 released

Thanks Alfonso. I look forward to trying this when my current hiatus is over.

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