Drawing lines in modelsompace within an active Sections viewspace

With “project” on, Rhino places drawn lines on a plane at zero on the axis perpendicular to an ortho view. If an active section doesn’t encompass that coordinate, the lines are not displayed once drawn.

When an ortho Viewport or Detail has an active section and is aligned to it, and the sectionned volume doesn’t encompass the zero position on the axis perendicular to the view, can Rhino be set to project the lines drawn on a consistent plane within the section?

One way would be to create and activate a different cplane for every section, each with its origin within that section. I"m hoping for something simpler.

Hi @djhg,

I am not sure if I understand your request. If you need to draw lines in the section plane, you can do it just by activating the plane and aligning the view. This way you will be setting automatically a C plane aligned to the section and every line will be drawn on that C plane.


Thanks Alfonso, this is great. I thought there was a way.I haven’t consistently experienced it because I usually activate a section in a view which is already aligned (front, right, etc.) as an elevation. Even if its already aligned that way I guess it has to be “Vaaligned” to set the cplane.

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