Wish: context menu in Section Panel

It would be handy to have a context menu here:

with the entries

  • Delete Section
  • Toggle Section
  • Align View
  • Set Section View to VP
  • Duplicate Section
  • Select Section
  • Create vaSectionView

The latter would be useful because the vaSectionView command takes a section as input, which means it has to be displayed, and thus will be part of the section view - espectially when there are many section lines on a common layer, one might want to get rid of the 2d lines.

Alternatively, the panel toolbar could contain these.


“Delete Section”, “Toggle Section” and “Align View” are already available in the top part of the Section manager, isn’t that enough?

About “Set Section View to VP” and “Create vaSectionView”. Aren’t both of them the same? Which would be the difference between them? And why would you need an option to “Duplicate Section”? You would need to modify it in the viewport afterwards to not have both of them overlapped so maybe you can directly duplicate it in the viewport as it is currently done.

Yes of course. I listed them for completeness sake. The ‘new’ commands could be in the toolbar, also.
I find a context menu somewhat quicker.

Different things. The first changes the viewport to match the section, the second would invoke the ‘vaSectionView’ command.

I use this frequently because I sometimes change some jogs in a copy of an otherwise equal section.

Which is what I’m doing, but the section text is sometimes so small that I have to zoom in to see which section is which, especially when they overlap (which I need, as mentioned).
That’s why a ‘Select’ command inside the panel would be useful. (blue: section lines, obviously)

Hi @Eugen,

Ok, I think that makes sense, in the same way you can change the section from the section view properties. I’ll add it to the list.

This is something which probably is related with the annotation style settings, if you set them properly you should see the text with the size you need.

Thank you!

I could, but a) these big fonts tend to clutter the viewport when zoomed it, and b) selecting the right section line when they overlap is somewhat a game of chance, since the name of the section is not displayed in this selection pop-up list.

So, a simple way to select the section from the Section panel would be useful.

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