Strange viewport behavior


We have a really strange viewport behavior. When the viewports are unlselected, one of the viewports doesn’t display all the (clipped) objects. (see section a-a)

After selection of the viewport the objects become vissible.

But when a pdf is created the objects are gone again.


I don’t see that you ever got an answer to your post. Did you manage to solve this problem?


Printing (such as when you save a pdf) and the display are closely linked. The description of the problems makes me wonder what graphics card and driver for it you’re using. Can you post a screenshot of Options>View>OpenGL? Also, does this happen with any file or just this one? A sample 3dm file with the steps needed to see the problem will help as well. If the file is too large to email or post or is confidential, you can upload it to… just reference this forum link in the comments.

Hi! sorry for the late reply.
It does happen with any file.

I’d try updating the GPU driver first. Here’s a link that can help locate the latest or recommended driver for a specific card.