Rhino viewport problem

helle everyone,

i have a problem in all viewport types, but especially rendered one, all things are messed up, i can see all lines and things behind the surfaces and this makes very hard me to work on my project, like this:

this is my rendered view:

but when i take render it is like this

it looks normal.

my graphic card is amd radeon hd 7870 , and i think it is pretty good card, all drivers are up to date, i tried almost everyting on the internet.

i changed all options, i make them like my firends rhino options, it didn’t work, i tried testZBiasFactor i decreased it nothing happened, i incresed it to 30000 then it looks very close to normal but then i can’t select any object on viewport.

if you can help, you will make me very happy, and you’ll save my project :slight_smile:

edit: i am using rhino 5

Try drivers from December 2013 or January 2014… The newest AMD drivers are known to have some OpenGL issues which may be the cause here.

thank you! it worked :slight_smile: