Strange 3d rotate behaviour


I am a new Rhino user, just bought it last week and beginning to work on the tutorials. I have been a CAD user and sketchup for a while and I find that the 3d Rotate is quite strange on Rhino 5 ( Installed on Windows 7 via parallels desktop on OSX).

The 3d rotate seems to pan the view all the time and I have to rectify the view with the pan view ( Shift + RMB). It is quite annoying. I did zoom on selected before and my settings in tools / view are set to rotate relative to view.

I have tried the Mac version of Rhino and the 3d rotate works perfectly as in CAD or Sketchup as it is intuitively correcting the view towards your model.

Thank you for any tips.


Try different options in DocumentProperties > View > Rotate for how rotation works
Try different options in DocumentProperties > Mouse > Manipulate views for which keys and RMB control rotate, pan and zoom.

Thank you David.

I do not know what I was doing wrong before, mut mainly switching it back to rotate around axis solved my problem for now.

Thanks again.