Object Rotation in Rhino 3D compared to Solidworks

In my workflow I use both Solidworks and Rhino 3D. When jumping between each CAD program I need to “re-accustom” myself with the different technique of rotating an objective in the perspective veiwport.
In solidworks there is an option to reverse the direction of the mouse wheel when zooming, but that’s all.

In Rhino 3D there is no such option in the settings menu as far as I know.
Is there a way to get both CAD programs to behave the same?

i belive the option you are looking for is in the view options called zoom scale factor. i have a mac so you have to find that yourself. adding a 1 to your value reverses it. so if you have 0.6, 1.6 should be the same in reverse.

Yeah! That did the trick. Thanks for your help