Issue rotating view (perspective) following most recent Rhino 5 update


Following the most recent Rhino for Mac software update, my rotating view setting (holding right click and moving mouse in perspective view) now functions differently - more like a strange version of Autodesk Maya. I have compared it with my friend’s Rhino for Mac (he has not yet updated to the most recent version) and it is definitely different.

The object flips quite dramatically instead of moving smoothly. Apologies for the poor description.

I have tried playing with settings in Preferences, Viewport Properties and my mouse tracking speed.

Has anybody else had this problem? Do you know how to fix it? I would like to revert to the original rotate view settings!



If your panning speed is normal, but the rotate speed is very fast, then it is not likely a mouse setting.

If the problem is only with rotating, check Rhinoceros > Preferences > View. Check the Rotate > Increment in divisions of a circle value. The default value is 60. If the value is small, like under 10, then Rhino will behave like you are describing.