Stopmotion Alembic animation + Grasshopper test

Recently I needed to export animated objects straight out of Grasshopper. I’m not aware of other methods than trying to do it through Alembic file format. Unfortunately, Rhino can’t export to this format and I saw some wishes about it, which I of course join:

However, I found one workaround which for now I think is better than nothing.
You can use e.g. Pancake GH plugin to export series of stopframes to Obj format and then use Stop Motion OBJ plugin for Blender.
Then, with one hack you can export your sequence to Alembic file (works the best with Blender 2.83).


just a gallery miniature

Stop Motion OBJ (OBJ, STL, PLY sequence importer) - v2.1.1 - #3 by Albertofx - Released Scripts and Themes - Blender Artists Community

This is a totally brute force method, but I guess it will unlock some workflows. It suits very well Grasshopper because you don’t need to think about rigging or animating anything, just export the sequence of slider states with the geometry you want.

I like how this method blends absolutely basic stop motion animation techniques with 3D stuff.

These are some simple tests I made:


There’s an importer/exporter for Unity. I might be able to port it to Rhinoceros if I had free time.


Hey Jakub,

Sorry to bother you in this old post. I’m facing exactly the same problem and I just find your awesome showcase of this workflow. I’m new to Blender. Could you tell me more details about what to do in Blender? I am already using the Stop Motion OBJ plug-in, the animation runs well in the Blender viewport, but I don’t know how to export a correct .abc file as the transit format. Do I need to bake action or bake sequences? I have tried many times, but it seems that the model I get is all static mesh sequences and nothing is moving. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey, I love the render! :heart: If you don’t mind to share, could you go into a bit of detail on how you managed the depth of field grainy visual?

hello, ive been struggling trying to export a series of geometries , i couldnt even export OBJS can you drop the definition or the answer? thank you

Hello Jakub,
Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas – they’re super cool! Really appreciate it…

I had a same probrem with Jianan. – I 'm also not to use to Blender…
So I found this on youtube. Then it worked fine for me.

OBJ Sequence to animation / OBJ Sequence to Alembic (in Blender) (17.8 KB)

this is one of many ways… I hope it will help.