Centipede OBJ Sequencer

Hi, guys!

I’m using Centipede since a long time. The output of centipede is a sequence of .obj files of all the frames of the animated slider. After you have to mount them in 3DS.

I was wondering if someone of you has any idea how to convert these .obj files in a single .fbx file so that I can import it directly in Keyshot of Vred, having my animation and after set lights, enviroment, materials, etc.

Thank you for the reading time. Any suggestions are welcome!


Does Keyshot support fbx animation ?
search you will find a solution about OBJ Sequence Import with Keyshot

Hi Serghier,

all the OBJ Sequence Import for Keyshot are not solving the problem. What (I think) a GH user needs is to have a single geometry with an animation. So what I’m looking for is to merge all the OBJs in 1 FBX with animation.

Hope to be clear, if you found some good OBJ Sequence Importer btw let me know.

In this thread a python script try it


And if you don’t find help with grasshopper tried other softwares like blender , you can create almebic file from obj sequence if Keyshot support alembic

Yeah, that’s the only discussion I found too… but it’s very limitated because you can’t control the render environment in real time. You can only import and render directly from that window.

This guy f.e. made a bride directly from GH/Rhino to Modo

Maybe you can use other softwares to import obj sequence and convert it to alembic or fbx animation
i tried something like that long time ago with Lightwave