Centipede OBJ Sequencer

(Michele Farina) #1

Hi, guys!

I’m using Centipede since a long time. The output of centipede is a sequence of .obj files of all the frames of the animated slider. After you have to mount them in 3DS.

I was wondering if someone of you has any idea how to convert these .obj files in a single .fbx file so that I can import it directly in Keyshot of Vred, having my animation and after set lights, enviroment, materials, etc.

Thank you for the reading time. Any suggestions are welcome!


(Seghier khaled) #2

Does Keyshot support fbx animation ?
search you will find a solution about OBJ Sequence Import with Keyshot

(Michele Farina) #3

Hi Serghier,

all the OBJ Sequence Import for Keyshot are not solving the problem. What (I think) a GH user needs is to have a single geometry with an animation. So what I’m looking for is to merge all the OBJs in 1 FBX with animation.

Hope to be clear, if you found some good OBJ Sequence Importer btw let me know.

(Seghier khaled) #4

In this thread a python script try it


And if you don’t find help with grasshopper tried other softwares like blender , you can create almebic file from obj sequence if Keyshot support alembic

(Michele Farina) #5

Yeah, that’s the only discussion I found too… but it’s very limitated because you can’t control the render environment in real time. You can only import and render directly from that window.

This guy f.e. made a bride directly from GH/Rhino to Modo

(Seghier khaled) #6

Maybe you can use other softwares to import obj sequence and convert it to alembic or fbx animation
i tried something like that long time ago with Lightwave