Grasshopper Animations to Unreal Engine 4

Hey there!
Does anyone know how export/import GH animations to Unreal Engine?
I am trying several things from making a .obj sequence import to blender then export to a .fbx file to then import to unreal engine. Is a lot of exporting/importing and I’m just wandering if someone here has a better solution.

Hi, I did it successfully by bringing the .obj sequence into Blender and then exporting it as the alembic file format.
Certainly not very elegant. I wrote about it here:


Thanks! Looks like a good workaround. I’ll try it! Btw the pink bubble animation on sketchfab was rendered on UE4?

No, everything was made in Grasshopper & Sketchfab. In the linked thread there is nothing about UE4, but the same way I did some animation of VisualARQ shutters. The goal is to have animation in alembic format, after that you can easily import it in Unreal.

Unfortunately Rhino.Inside.UE did not have the same luck (or sponsor) of Rhino.Inside.Revit

if your budget allows you…
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Hello @lfernandez

I think (if you have access) Rhino → TwinMotion → UE4 is a solution to test regularly.
It’s still in development, but it’s promising.
Mainly because, even with two transfers, it is fast and can be synchronized.
It is already possible to use a large number of features, on the other hand there is no integration in Grasshopper.


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