Bake moving line in grasshopper

I was wondering if there is any way to bake and export this animation as a moving line to eventually use in blender. (9.2 KB)

You will have to bake it frame by frame and then import into Blender. You can use plugins like Human, which have bake components. You would then use a loop from the Anemone plugin for example. What you then end up with is one curve for each frame with a name that contains the frame number. You can export them, import them in blender and then use some scripting in Blender to recreate the animation. (19.4 KB)

I currently don’t know of a simple way to export something as an animation like an alembic file. There is the Bongo animation plugin for Rhino, but I have not really played with it and am not sure it even has a Grasshopper counterpart.

So its possible with a bit of effort, but not easy.

The easiest way imo would be to animate a slider…

edit: huh, my bad, I thought it was for Blender video editing!

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for!