Grasshopper slider animation, Export Sequence (to be used for rendering)

Hello Scripters,

Can anyone point me in the right direction (a previous thread or solution) for a script, that allows me to export geometry (surface or solid) from Grasshopper, to Rhino which will ultimately be used to render in Keyshot. I have seen some scripts on the Keyshot forum that utilize importing an alembic format (to preserve animation sequences) but i don’t think rhino/grasshopper supports that format.

I don’t mind rendering hundreds of individual files (and stitching together in After Effects or similar) if I can get the grasshopper animation to export as individual files. Maybe I can find a script for a Keyshot import to ease my pain too.

Any help or a better workflow to make this easier would be grateful.

I haven´t done something like this, so this is my best guess. The human plugin for grasshopper provides many useful tools for assigning object attributes and baking them. I have not found a tool for saving the current Rhino geometry yet, the “save viewport” component (human) has the option to save “rendered” viewport as image. Maybe you can set the rendering options in Rhino to use Keyshot?

Hey ford there is an old yt minI series from danil which shows how to do rendered animations with gh and python

Maybe this will help you out


this is great, thank you!