Stop asking me for my licence when I'm logged in please

This is user hostile. It needs to go away.

Also how a person in my team that is using our team’s account for licencing will get around this if that person only users her/his account to get access to a license, they don’t know the license number?

cc. @aj1


adding insult to injury…

BTW, all this going only to get new build happened because I did not run the V7 WIP for too long. It was already installed in my system and Rhino refuces to just update it:

Right now you are doing your best to encourage everyone NOT to use the WIP. I’m not sure this is your intended goal, is it?

I propose a new rule:

If V6 runs in your computer, V7 will run too. Not questions asked, not web redirects, not punching numbers, not telling you again and again what I do for a living… nothing. IT.JUST.RUNS.

I NEED YOUR VOTES FOR THIS FEATURE. Each like/heart equals 1000 customers agree. (I made the rule, so I’m also making the rules of how to validate the rules).


Sounds like some good suggestions for improvement.

Added to that it would be really useful if the automated update system for WIP v7 actually worked. With both v6 and the WIP installed there has never been an automatically dowloaded update available, and the Check Now... link opens a page insisting I already have the latest. Even though I am on daily trunk builds for update frequency. I am pretty sure that you @gustojunk will find the WIP expires even if you use it every day…

Tagging @brian for this discussion.

@gustojunk you are absolutely right. This will change soon.



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Eventually, you’ll get to log in to download. Currently, we’re putting out other fires with Rhino 6, and so the WIP isn’t getting a ton of focus.

That’s how it’s already supposed to work - the WIP of 7 is supposed to use the license of Rhino 6. Clearly it’s not quite working that way.

Agreed., and I see now a really old one that Nathan has piggy-backed:

Thanks Brian and team. Glad to hear this is already on your minds and that it’ll get a fix.


Could I ask what kind of cookies (none, temp, premanent, etc.) you use for logging in?

Could that issue also be related to cookies?