License problem in the rain

I have upgraded to V7 after using the beta for a while - all good.

So now I’m working on a project; I have two instances of rhino open at present, and I go to open a third to paste a subset of objects in, and I get the message popup “Rhinoceros 7 needs a license”

I have a license otherwise I wouldn’t be able to run the two instances I already have open; I’m in the middle of working - what is all this about?

Please tell me this is a bug, and not how V7 is intended to run - ie at random times hassling me about whether the program is legit…?

I have never had this happen with V5 of V6; once I’ve paid for, and installed the software, I don’t want to hear about all the backstory and housekeeping McNeel might have setup…

Its like I’m driving my car on a B road somewhere in the rain and concentrating on the next tricky set of curves (!) coming up, and the car suddenly stops, refuses to move till I re-confirm I already paid for it… hardly acceptable, and not acceptable with software either.


Hi Rabbit, seems buggy to me… - @aj1 - any thoughts?


Screenshot? Can you find a pattern where you can reproduce this?

heres a screen shot…

The pattern is, or at least the repeatable problem at present is as described - I have two V7 rhinos already open , but when I go to open a third, the screen shot shows what happens.

The popup wont take no for an answer - presents itself on top of all other running programs, and it takes three presses on the close top right X button before it exits, saying “rhino will now close” (not that it ever opened…


@Brian have you seen this?

@rabbit thanks for the screenshot. I’m assuming you’ve already tried to play nice with it and check the checkbox at least once before?

yep - here’s what happens when i check the checkbox…

I didn’t go any further here since I already think this shouldn’t

be happening, but I can continue if you like…


Well, I shut down the computer and restarted.
Upon going to open V7 it immediately popped this dialog box up again; I went through the whole licensing process again, entered the key, and received a successful validation notice, and all appears fine again…

Except not, since we don’t know what happened, and it may happen again at any time…
You’ll be the first to know…


Thanks @rabbit, and sorry about that. If it happens again, please do let us know about it.